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Lawn Fertilization

Weed Control

and fertilization.

Importance of Weed Control and Fertilization

Keeping the weeds at bay

In order to stay green and healthy, lawns need to be fertilized regularly. Many lawns do not get all the nutrients they need naturally. Because of this, a repeated application of rich nutrients is essential to attain a deep green color and lush density. All Turf fertilizes on a set schedule based on the growing season of the type of grass you are trying to grow. This works to achieve optimal growth so that your lawn stays healthy all year long.

The experts at Green Glow Landscape Solutions can help you fix any lawn issues. Utilizing our comprehensive weed control and fertilization programs, we can remedy your sickly yard. Nurturing it to a full and luscious health without you having to even lift a finger.

Weed Control
Healthy Lawn
Benefits of fertilizing regularly
  • Fewer insects

  • Fewer weeds

  • Thicker grass to reduce run-off

  • Greater resistance to disease, drought, and other stressors

Atlanta fertilization and weed control

Our Area technicians have seen just about every weed that has ever plagued a Georgia lawn. With their extensive knowledge and experience, they are able to successfully control weeds with specially made herbicides and weed control treatments. We can also treat grassy weeds if an undesired grass is trying to infest your lawn. Weed control is applied anytime weeds are present, while pre-emergent is applied in the spring and fall to prevent weed germination.

Garden Fertilization in atlanta
Commercial properties weed control

Serving residential and commercial properties

Green Glow Landscape Solutions serves both residential and comercial properties in and around the Atlanta area. Residential property owners have the choice of signing up for our Basic or Premium lawn care package, whereas commercial property owners are given a custom package specifically designed for their property’s lawn.


Lawn fertilization and weed control programs

Customized Treatment Programs

Six Quality Control Visits

Preventative Weed Treatments

Lime Soil Amendments

Six Rounds of Applications

Lawn Fertilization

Post Emergent Weed Treatments

Certified Technicians

Get Rid of Pesky Weeds with Our Specialized Weed Control Program

If weeds are left untreated in your yard they can potentially multiply, leaving your grass fighting for the nutrients it needs to survive! Our specialized weed control system combines pre-emergent and post-emergent treatments that kill existing weeds and then prevent them from popping up again. With these year-round services, you can wave goodbye to the weeds and say hello to a lush, healthy lawn!

Weed Control Program
Lawn fertilization treatment

Feed Your Lawn with Fertilization Treatments

Your grass needs more than just water and sunshine to grow. Our fertilization treatments provide your grass with the nutrients it needs to thrive. The result is a lush, green lawn that you can enjoy for seasons to come.

Recurring Treatments Keep Your Lawn Healthy All Year.

Keeping your lawn green and healthy isn’t easy, but with our recurring treatments it’s possible to have the lawn of your dreams. We apply six fertilization and weed control services throughout the year, as well as complete quality control checks in between visits. We take the time to examine your lawn to ensure it is getting exactly what it needs. With our year-round treatments, you’ll have a lawn you can be proud of!

Green Garden

Additional Services To Make Your Yard Stand Out

Although our fertilization and weed control services are sure to transform your lawn, we also offer add-on services to our lawn care treatments that take your yard to the next level. Our lawn care add-on services include:

Lawn Fungus and Disease Control

Fire Ant Control

Lawn Insects Control

Core Aeration and Overseeding

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